Friday, 2 January 2009

KL finished - more of K...

I finally finished KL this morning - there were some tricky words, and a good number of birds that I just had to flag up in preparation for the Burma trip later this month - and I hope that U Myint Shwe and I will be able to sort them out. I may be pinning my hopes on him too much, but at least I'll have tried even if we can't work out Burmese translations for all the birds and animals and so-on that are missing.

Anyway, I've checked and there are 1681 words beginning with K so it's no wonder it's taken me months to wade through them. There are probably less than 150 left so I should polish off K for good (except for flagged words) fairly soon.

Favourite finding in the dictionary today - a curse:
"Kieh siyawng teei nawh ka: sawm: ngawb." - May a dragon eat him before breakfast!

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